• Primer is used to soften bonding and dissolving the joints surfaces . for all size PVC-U/ CPVC/ ABS pipes.
  • Professionally suggest used for any PVC-U. CPVC . ABS pipe size over 2"/ 63mm before applying cement, will increase the bonding and assurance of bonding quality.

32Fl.OZ-1QUART – 946ML


Store between 40°F (5°C ) to 90°F( 33°C)


This product has no shelf life . use it as soon as possible after open to avoid evaporation waste due to seal reasons. please pay attention to the storage.


Please read the operation instructions carefully:
1. Primer softening the bonding surface. to increase bonding strength.
2. Proper use of primer can make the joint installation easier to ensure maximum bonding strength.
3. Primer can not be used alone to bond pipes. it needed the use with pipe cement .
4. Follow the pipe bonding steps preparation apply the primer first before apply the cement.
5. The order of apply the primer is usually apply hard to the socket first, then apply to the pipe . and reapply to the socket again.


This product is flammable. Vapor harmful. Swallow prohibited. if contact with skin and eyes may cause allergic reactions. Read left notes, product reports and material safety data sheets carefully before use. Use only in Well-ventilated Area.


Keep this product out of reach of children. do not take internally. Keep away from fire, open flame and any SOURCES of ignition, the volatile gas can cause explosions. Use with adequate ventilation; if not enough air circulation, ventilation facilities should be strengthened or the use of national occupational safety and health society approved breathing apparatus. Avoid breathing vapors. Use appropriate protective equipment to avoid contact with skin and eyes. May cause eye injury. In case of difficulty in breathing, give oxygen and should promptly seek medical treatment immediately. In case of contact with skin and eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes . if irritation persists , get medical attention . if accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting, immediately drink two cups of water. and contact physician immediately.

download MSDS PR-10 pdf

download Product Bulletin PR-10 pdf